Finance and FIRE From Around the Web 2-27-19

Finance and FIRE From Around the Web 2-27-19

Class warfare still does the little guy no good. Putting the government in charge of education worsened the problem. Few teachers will teach the truth about economics, personal finance, and history. If these subjects were taught, teachers of lesser disciplines would drown them out. In 2006, I made my site for the industrious “little guy” to retire with dignity or to be FI and (self) employed.

Well, there’s still many public school grad derelicts who can’t differentiate between Wall Street bankers and local independent convenience store owners. Both are just “the rich” to the diploma holders. These dopes simply say to me, “You’ve been brainwashed.”

Fortunately, some do-gooders came along and pushed index funds for all and use old leftist tactics against people who mention they want to become billionaires.

Doug Casey On Class Warfare

What if the doe eyed, 1000 c*ck stare people actually won again and learned lessons from Obama’s failures? Then it would be time to revisit the following post.

The Captain Speaks

Nomi Prins penned a piece yesterday for Zero Hedge yesterday called:

Survival of the Richest

What if the market slows or corrects? How will this affect the FI-RE community? (Listen to these guys before the virtue signalers lull you to sleep.) Bankrate has some ideas:

4 Ways to Survive a Slowdown

Keep in mind there is no official relationship between those mentioned above and excesscash dot net. Also, being that there is a (Machiavellian) environment surrounding billionaires, would-be billionaires, useful idiots, local kingpins, and moral sounding busybodies who feel the need to punish, you might read the following. Not authored by a lawyer.

Outshine the Master

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