Anti-Fragility and Machiavellianism Part 3

Anti-Fragility and Machiavellianism Part 3

What are a few things that make a business or a country strong?  What separates a Zimbabwe, or a South Africa from a United States or a Chile or a Switzerland?

The rule of law tops my list.  The U.S. has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.  When The Constitution is thrown out, the U.S. will turn into a dystopia, just like the America described in Atlas Shrugged.  There are very rich and very poor people operating in the United States who want to see the U.S. steered off the fiscal cliff, to become a banana republic.

Yes, the banana republics of the world would be equal with the United States after a legal and economic disaster (after which billionaires would buy U.S. assets for pennies on the dollar.)  I have heard this hypothesis since 1995.   

The philosophy of the business or country matters a great deal too.  The (sustainable) philosophies that made the West prosperous and free for centuries are shrouded, mocked, and misrepresented by colleges, K-12 schools, and various institutions of the left.

Nihilism and defeatism never made a company or a country free, prosperous, or great.  No conservative or libertarian, whether a soldier, shopkeeper, high tech entrepreneur or skilled laborer countered Leftist threats, conspiracies, and open crime with nihilism, defeatism, dereliction of duty, sloth, or (sexual) submission to the looters.

True, everyone cannot start or buy shares of the next Microsoft, Qualcomm, or become a multi-billionaire.  At least there are no guarantees. But taking freedom from common citizens won’t make them equal.  Psychologically bombarding the citizenry anywhere and everywhere and at all times, especially in school does not create equality, encourage commerce, or cure social ails. 

One of the richest men in world is known to have said opportunities are like busses.  Another one will be along. 

Compare the philosophies of Zimbabwe and Venezuela with western countries like the U.S., Switzerland, Poland, Chile, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.  What patterns do you notice? The beta-cuck aristocrats don’t like talking about Zimbabwe or South Africa. The beta-cucks want to preserve their access and delay “the inevitable.”

Why would “Republicans” choose to compromise, offer sacrifices, and water down the tea?  Why would once traditional churches do the same?  After you answer those questions, ask yourself why and how political operatives can divide the alt-right and Libertarians?  Is one reason you found the refusal of normies to read books or watch documentaries? You can read about “divide and conquer” and other strategies, but on the west coast, the normies mostly want to put their heads in the sand.  They might join some leftists to do some gas lighting of non-normies too.

(You might choose to read Outshine the Master.)

Jim Rohn, an off-limits teacher of philosophy, says people who want to be paid more to do less have a recipe for disaster.  Philosophy does matter. 

The aristocracy of pull still has a lot of … pull.  What philosophies put in practice can overcome the aristocracy or the looters?  Which philosophies can make you and your company stronger?

Don’t spend idle time fighting the looter’s battles for free. A conservative or libertarian using SJW tactics and terminology on visionaries, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or even normies seems very unproductive. I talked about this in my MasterMind books many times.

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