20 Personalities to Follow on Twitter

20 Personalities to Follow on Twitter

I looked through my Twitter feed earlier and drilled down my top 20 Twitterers.  I excluded all the hall monitors, as they get all the attention anyway.  

If you want a very short intro to “the scene” on Twitter, start here.

  1. @TellYourSonThis  – Illimitable Man tweets about Machiavellianism, game, logic, books and health.
  2. @esotericexposal  – Choice Christian commentary on the occult forces at work in theworld.
  3. @DamianProsa  – This young Greek businessman is fairly similar to TellYourSon.
  4. @WallStreetPlayboys  – Career advice, time management, and what I’d call “Wall Street insights.”
  5. @BlackHawkInc  – Zaid Abdelnour is a Wall Street guy and the author of the excellent book “Economic Warfare.”
  6. @BudgetsAreSexy  – The FI-RE personality known as J-Money tweets personal finance and saving cash.  
  7. @DeeperThrill  – Similar personal development themes like IM, Prosa, and WSP.
  8. @Aaron_Clarey  – Clarey is a consultant, author, and former bank & mortgage pro.  Clarey harps on worthless degrees and 3rd wave feminists saying things like, “Grandpa didn’t need to defeat Hitler cause I’m here.”
  9. @BlackLabelLogic  – BLL talks game, reality, and wisdom.  Similar genre as 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8.
  10. @ZeroHedge  –  Rumors occasionally circulate that “deep state” or the Silicon Valley “oligarchs” will take Zero Hedge down off the Internet.  Zero Hedge talks real economics.  Meaning classical economics.
  11. @RealDonaldTrump  – Not that you’d miss this feed.
  12. @TRHLofficial  –  The thoughtful commentary of The Red Headed Libertarian.
  13. @AynRandBots  – Quotes from Ayn Rand.
  14. @TheAliceSmith  – Just as insightful as Red.
  15. @LibertyHangout  – Funny Libertarian memes and trolling.
  16. @JenniferM_q  – Jen The Libertarian.  More Liberty commentary, trolling, and etc.
  17. @LPOriginalG  – I,Hypocrite points out, daily, the failures of collectivism.
  18. @JamesOkeefeIII  – This reporter/author breaks news and posts expose videos.
  19. @PrisonPlanet  – Paul Joseph Watson.
  20. @RonPaul  – The Honorable Ron Paul.

Yes I’m leaving out a lot of worthy mentions.  Maybe I’ll come back to this.  If you can handle a little more reading see: Free and Low Cost Education with over 30 sources of free and low cost education, and The Black Book of The Master Mind 3rd edition

You’d have to search, but you can see 20+ old Illimitableman tweets on my Gab.ai page (@JiveBoy) or in the photos section here.

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